Access to a catalogue of trusted, verified and vetted influencers.

Looking for the right talent? Leave that to us. A team of relationship managers is here to find the best social stars that connect with your brand.

Turn scattered marketing efforts into a production team, collaborate, manage projects, and track sales – All in one workspace.

Xuppi helps sellers maximize sales and product marketing through partnership with influencer in both online (through collaboration tool) & offline (through relationship managers.)

Types of Collaborators


Shout-Out Collaborators are those who can do a marketing campaign for your product on their social media.


Affiliate Collaborators are those who promote your products on social media via affiliate links and earn commission on the sales when buyers use the referral link to make purchases.

Sellers can allow influencers to partner with them and take advantage of affiliate marketing, and earn a commission for reaching out to fans or subscriber base. Influencers can monetize the traffic by selling seller’s products.


Associate Collaborators are those who do Live shop collaboration with sellers and promote a product on the Xuppi platform and other social media accounts in exchange for a fixed amount or commission-based approach.


Host Collaborators are those who work with sellers as brand ambassadors. They have fixed commitments on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.  These hosts also perform online and offline tasks for sellers.

Sales Representative

Sales Presenters are those who excel in sales capabilities. They are mostly young, smart, and have good communication skills to conduct and engage buyers in live shop sessions for sellers. They highlight & repeat important information about the products being sold or the deal offered.  

These presenters are not Influencers, however, they make sure the live session is engaging, fun-filled and interesting for the audience.

Sales Presenters are only offered to sellers who first partner with Associate Collaborators & Hosts