Excellent Customer Service

•Maintain a score of seller’s hub.

•Timely issuance of refunds.

•Speedy management of the return.

•Great & friendly communication with buyers.

•Good rating says it all.

•Top-class packaging and courier services

•Aim to supply with fast shipping options free of charge.

Keep track of stock to avoid order cancellations.

The important "Don'ts"

•Don’t do SLA infringements

•Don’t send inappropriate communications.

•Don’t open more than one seller account.

•Don’t sell products that are prohibited.

•Don’t add misleading pictures or videos of the product.

•Don’t list fake products or branded products without a license.

Grow your Business

•Focus on driving traffic to your profile and to your products.

•Promote on social media.

•Run flash sales to encourage buyers to take advantage of low pricing.

•Use an affiliate marketing campaign to boost sales prospects.

• Do virtual events live. streams and start selling globally.

Build your brand by creating content around commerce.