Score Metrics

Seller Metrics provides buyers insights into your business. Buyers can view short and long-term seller rating metrics, including detailed feedback. Sellers can resolve any situation by researching the reason behind each negative rating,

addressing the buyer’s issues, followed by making improvements to your processes and policies.

Why do Score Metrics Matter?

Sellers are required to maintain a good Seller Score metric to avoid being suspended or being permanently banned from the platform.

All Sellers dashboard comes with the tab called performance, where sellers can see how well they perform.

We track various metrics to ensure the top-level

customer services and ensure compliance with our policies.

Buyer feedback Ratings

Buyers can leave feedback on your seller’s profile, there are 2 types of feedback-

• Seller Feedback

• Product feedback

Seller Feedback

A Buyer has an option to mention detailed seller parameters in the following areas:

• Item description – How accurately have they described the product?

• Communication – How well the Seller communicated?

• Shipping time – Did the Seller match the estimated time provided at the time of placing the order?

• Shipping and handling charges– Were the shipping and handling charges reasonable?

Product Feedback

•We use a 5 Star rating system.

•Buyers can write her/his comment reviews for the product purchased.

•Buyers get an option to upload the picture of the product delivered in case of showing the defect, damaged package or explaining any other issue.

Ratings and how they will be displayed to the buyer

A buyer will rate the Seller using a 5-star system which will be clubbed into categories as below:

• Positive feedback: Average rating of 5 or 4 stars

• Neutral feedback: Average rating of 3 stars

• Negative feedback: Average rating of 2 or 1 star