Consistent Live Streams

Your live shopping Sessions are like a TV program that airs at the same time and day every week. By letting your consumers know when and where they can watch your streams, you are making it easier for them.

Promote your Live Shopping Streams 

Announce the schedule ahead of time with attention-grabbing banners on your social media handles informing your viewers to prepare & share in advance.

Engage Viewers Actively

Live video is a great way to engage with your audience and sell at the same time. Your viewers can ask questions, or you can ask them questions like “How do you feel about this product?” to make it more engaging 

Get creative with your Live Sessions 

Don’t let your audience bore, ask others to join your live, you will have someone to talk to or to joke with during the session, and make viewers feel a part of your session where you demonstrate your product.

Repeat Important information

This helps new viewers who are joining halfway to understand what’s happening and be part of your active sales process.