Stage uses wallet to rewards and benefits to the subscribers through varies schemes in the form of wallet currency called "Credits".

There are 2 types of credits

  • Cash Credits

  • Rewards Credits

The value of credits is 1 USD = 100 Credits.

Cash Credits -

Subscribers can spend on creators posting by way of credits. The cash carries a value of 100 Credits = 1 USD, the system calculates these credits, and show your earnings in your local currency and your payout amount.

Why we use these credits? 

The platform uses credits to make promotion discount offering to subscribers where they can get discount on bulk purchase of credits and spending across various profiles. These credits usage don't make any negative on creators earnings. 

The sale of discounted credits is made from the platform earning, which benefits subscriber to make more purchases.

Reward Credits  -  

Reward credits don't have any value to the creators.

The platform uses an algorithm to provide benefits to subscribers for example: like a sign-up bonus, the platform awards 100 credits free of charge which can spend on any creator profile to test and purchase posting. 

Since these credits are free of charges, they do not bring any value to creator earnings, however, creators can build subscribers traffic where they get more visibility.