Once you have finished setting up your profile,

Please click on menu to go "Creator Dashboard" section, and select "Payout" to add your payout method.

For now, we only provide Direct Bank transfer as payout, however, we are continuously working to upload our system, and would be adding more payout methods.

Please fill in your correct information in the form provide, and click "Save" to register your payouts.

Please note -

  • Min. Balance of USD 150 is required for payout.

  • Currency conversions may apply depending on your payout country and currency.

  • Billing Cycle: By end of every month, we will transfer the amount in your preferred choice of payout method selected. 

  • Please allow 7 days for the payout amount to reflect in your account which is automatically made on the first working date of the new month.

  • Our teams check your balances till 12.00 midnight and add all new subscriptions & sales made on your profile on the first working day of the new month. The sales on the last day of the month need around 8-16 hours to update in the system.

  • In case your payouts are returned, our support team will connect with you.

If there is any issue related to payout, please contact our support team for query, we will ideally reply within 24 hours on working days.