In order to start selling your content - click on "+" sign on the right top corner next to the menu bar (Web-View) or look for "+" sign (mobile view).

On clicking "+" sign, you will see options to upload the type of content

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • Live Stream

  • Podcast

  • E-Learn Courses

  • Web-Series

  • Merchandise

For example: if you uploading a video, please select the video option, 

Video title: The name of your video

Plan: please enter the number of coins you want to sell your video for, eg. 150 coins, if you want to sell your video for USD 1.50,  enter "0" if you want to add your video for FREE.

Browse & Upload video: click on the Browse option to select & upload a video you want to sell to your fans.

Click "Post" - your listing will be posted on your profile page, and your fans would able to make the purchase.

Repeat the same for photos and live stream session.

We advise you to promote and announce your content on your other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat so that your fanbase can visit Xuppi page and purchase your exclusive content.