It's never too late to become a creator. A creator is someone who has genuine skills for engaging audiences and producing quality content on a topic which you feel you are best at, for example, if you are good at cooking and are often asked for the recipes, then you can start your own page at Xuppi, and start engaging with your fan base.

How to get started

  • Announce your presence on Xuppi

Reach out to your fanbase on all types of social media platforms that all your exclusive content will be on Xuppi.

  • Upload content and set your page

Remember, the content is KING. Simply shoot from your smartphone or upload your seasons, episodes, podcasts or any multi-media format content, create plans which suits your fanbase and your offerings, run monthly membership subscriptions. When you are ready, launch your plans and inform your fans.

  • Create your community hub

Your unique social space belongs to you. All the interactive features of social media in an owned media environment. Share your updates, offer your personalised plans and manage your own dashboard to understand your community

  • Promote on multi-channels

          Promote your profile page or embed the content you want the audience to consume on your social pages. 
          Xuppi offers a world-class mobile-first experience for easy sharing, consumption and monetisation.

So, why wait, register your profile and start earning today with Xuppi.

To Register and become a creator - Click on this link: