A Platform for Creators who want to earn money by tapping into their fanbase or subscriber base, publishing exclusive content like photo, videos, web-series, films, podcast and get paid for their work.

Unlike other social media platform, Xuppi provides creators all the tools required where they can price each type of content and attach individual pricing for sale. Each listing can be priced as One-time billing or Recurring.

The content creators are also able to set up a recurring subscription (monthly payment) allowing subscribers to get full access to all paid content, enabling creators to build a stable monthly income and focus on things that they do best.

Xuppi dashboard comes with an analytic view allowing creators to view and analyse which post performed well, how much income that generated along what they will receive a payout.

We are also working on the development of commerce for Xuppi , which will include selling merchandises, events, donations thereby bring all tools under the roof to maximise sales. More features are expected toward the end of the year 2020.