Plans are basically your settings as what you charge to subscriber base on the profile page.

You can find this under setting option > My Plans & Permissions

It is important that you set your own pricing before you start to sell. These are majorly 4 Categories for the plans - 

  • All Access for Profile Page

  • Messages

  • One-on-One Video Call 

  • Greeting Videos

All Access for Profile Page

You can add, edit & manage these profile plans from your dashboard.

By adding a plan, you can set up your profile page membership, where you set up your own pricing for the subscriber base to allow access to your content. You can set in both ways i.e One-time Charge or Recurring Subscription i.e monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly & Annually. Once you set up this, your subscribers would be able to sign up & pay for all access to your content & listings posted by you.

Please note - even you listed individual pricing for content, subscribers who have taken all access would be view & watch your paid content as it becomes under the benefits of this membership.


Messages plan are basically your option where you can choose whether or not, you want to allow your subscribers to send a free message, you can choose to make your message on the profile page to be paid.

One-on-One Video Call

Your subscribers can book one on one paid video calls with you. You can add, edit & manage plans for your personal video calls.

Greeting Videos

Your subscribers can book greeting video from you. These videos can be wishes for birthday & special occasions or even brand can connect with you requesting you to promote the videos. You can set your video pricing along with delivery days.

If you have further questions, and query related to setting up your plans, you can connect with our support or with your relationship manager.