Once you have logged in to your Xuppi account, you will see "+" sign on the top right of your screen (Web-view), click on that to complete the registers and verification as a Creator.

You will be asked to upload the following information:

  • Profile Picture

  • Front photo of your ID

  • Back photo of your ID

  • Photo of yourself holding the ID

  • Your payout information.

Our humans take less than 4 hours to verify you as a creator.

Once verified, your Xuppi account will be activated and you will be able to upload and sell content.

We collect this information and keep this as a record as per regulations and also to make sure that creators are age limit as per terms and conditions and the content uploading policy. The platform restricts the uploading of unauthorised content of others users, as per the terms and conditions of the platform. please do read our full terms: https://xuppi.com/terms-and-conditions